Searchable Menu Items

Kynbo™ is leaving the traditional by cuisine food search in the dust.  Diners can search for whatever they want to eat or drink, be it "bacon", "grilled cheese", "gnocchi", "tiramisu", "Amstel", "Gott"...nearby restaurants with those items on their menus will be found.  We believe where to eat decisions are driven by menus and photos from restaurants more than random reviews and crowd sourced information.  

Showcase Your Food with Photos

This is never more true than with food.   Diners may not know the Caprese Salad on your menu uses succulent vine ripened tomatoes from your garden, topped with fresh gooey mozzarella made in your kitchen, and then gingerly drizzled with rich dark balsamic reduction, from just seeing the words Caprese Salad.  Let your food photos do what words alone cannot -- make your diners drool and bring them to your doors.

Broadcast Your Specials

How do you let nearby diners know you have fresh Skuna Bay Salmon on tonight's Dinner Special?   Update the Specials board in your restaurant?  Update the Specials section on your website if you have one?  Post it on your Facebook page?  These might work if diners are either already in your restaurant or happen to be looking at your website, but what about the hundreds of diners who don't know who you are and would love to know you have Skuna Bay Salmon on Special.  How can they find you?   Kynbo™ allows you to manage and broadcast your Specials whenever you want to help entice nearby diners to your tables.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

We all know it’s the regulars that really pays the bills every month.   These are the true VIPs of every successful restaurant.  They are consistent and loyal and their word of mouth is the most effective selling method of all.   This means you need to treat them especially well and earn their repeat business.   One way to do this is to reward their loyalty with special deals and discounts.  It could be free dessert, free glass of wine, % off, etc.  A small token of appreciation to nurture the relationship and keep them (and their families and friends) coming back for years to come.  You can now instantly provide them with rewards whenever you feel inclined and they're easily redeemable through the Kynbo™ App.   We have built in a simple process for you to manage and track the effectiveness of your rewards.

Upcoming Events

Nothing is sadder than playing to an empty room.  How do you let the masses know you have a killer band playing Friday night, or a Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5th, or a tasting of a brand new IPA?  Print, radio and social media are all great tools but you have no control over when they're seen and heard.   And if you're like most of us, we tend to forget what we saw and heard until it's too late.   Now you can use the Kynbo Event module to get the word out when you want to, and the "remind me" feature on the app will send a reminder to the user so they won't forget.  You will also get valuable analytics on how many users viewed the event to get a gauge on number of attendees.   No more playing to an empty room.