Search by Cuisine, Specific Dish, Brand, or Ingredient

If you crave "lasagna", "paella", or "mojito",  how do you find it?  What if you just want to find restaurants with  "Happy Hour" or is "pet friendly"?  Kynbo™ app for diners allows you to search and find exactly what you want to eat or drink, and see menus and photos from nearby restaurants with one-click.  It is simple and to the point.  Kynbo™ app also allows restaurants to connect with you real time, letting you know of today's specials, live music, or even to send you a reward for free desserts.  Download the free Kynbo™ app and never feel frustrated again.

Powerful Filters

Only interested in restaurants that have specials today?  Only want to see menus that have photos of the dishes?  Looking for a restaurant that serves a late night menu and takes online reservations?  Trying to find a restaurant that has all of these?  No problem, our powerful filters let you quickly sift through many restaurants to find exactly what you are looking for.

Keep Your Favorites Close at Hand

What was the name of the restaurant that served the most incredible mushroom risotto you've ever eaten?  Wondering what the special is tonight at that steakhouse downtown?  Keep all of your favorites close at hand so you can quickly get back to them and enjoy your next meal, and we'll let you know what the specials are each day.  You can mark a restaurant as one of your favorites or even individual dishes.  We'll let the restaurants know and who knows, maybe you'll even get rewarded for it.

Benefit from Rewards

Restaurants want you to come back and enjoy their menu as often as possible.  Let restaurants woo you back by providing you with personalized rewards.  You like the carnitas burrito at the Mexican restaurant outside of town?  Let them know by marking it as one of your favorites and maybe they'll spring for a free one now and then.

Upcoming Events

Don't you hate it when your favorite band played at your favorite place, and you had no clue?   How do you find out about events from nearby restaurants and bars?  And when you do find out, how do you remind yourself not to forget?  The solution is a click away with the free Kynbo app.  You will receive Events notifications from nearby venues and the "remind me" feature will add it to your calendar.   Stay in the know with the Kynbo app.